Spring Cleaning Services by Professional House Cleaners

Prepare for spring with domestic cleaner spring cleaning services at affordable price


The Fabulous Maid has been a leading provider of cleaning services in the state of Massachusetts. The company specializes in residential and commercial cleaning. We have a special relationship with the people of Massachusetts due to the number of years the company has been in operation. We would like to help you, in your spring cleaning.


Importance of a clean Home

The homes are private sanctuaries, places to retreat to after a long day of work or other activities. You therefore expect the place to be clean and tidy. If dirty, it ceases to become an escape from the daily hustle and bustle. Instead it becomes your worst nightmare. Friends and relatives will come over and notice the layers of dirt. This may not be the best impression you want of the home. Remember doing the daily chores is different to performing spring cleaning. The former is mainly household tasks that may have an aspect of cleaning. The latter is the systematic sprucing up of the home. Many of our clients do not have the faintest idea what spring cleaning entails. We have some few tips and guidelines to assist them. They are simple tips and following them will not give you much of a headache.


Tips to help in Spring Cleaning

The first thing for you to consider is clearing the clutter in the house. Pick up all the papers, magazines, old toys, wrappers, polythene bags and any other items that are idly laying around. The items that are not in use throw them in the garbage bin. The useful ones place them back in the respective places. Decluttering frees up space and makes it easy for you to organize furniture and other objects. It’s also effective in giving you room to move the cleaning equipment. Removing clutter is a step towards preventing silly accidents, which may occur when someone trips over an item laying around.


The scope of the spring cleaning should cover every inch of the house. When someone mentions spring cleaning, the images conjured in the mind are those of windows open and light streaming into a room. The Light illuminates the surfaces which is sparkling clean. Therefore windows, walkways and doors have to be given special attention. The feeling prevailing in the house should be one of freshness. The air inside should be perfumed. To achieve this all the cracks and hidden surfaces must be scoured clean. An eye for detail is very important during the exercise.


We recommend you consider coming up with a list to assist in establishing a cleaning schedule. The same goes for the type of equipment to be used. The list should be written after you have studied all the rooms. The list will give you an opportunity to separate the work into more manageable portions. For example if you are planning to clean the curtains, do them all at once. Without the burden of curtains you are free to access the windows, curtain rails and windowsills. You can now spruce them up. You will also get room to dust the ceilings.


How to make Spring Cleaning a Priority

Spring cleaning is usually carried out during spring, specifically in colder areas. The warm conditions offer a perfect incentive to rid the house of any grime and dust building up, during the winter period. Many people may prefer to go outdoors instead of doing this activity and hence it gets overlooked. They are several ways to help you in prioritizing spring cleaning.


They are:

• Determine how much time you want to commit to the activity and when it’s most convenient for you. The weekends are a perfect time for those employed.

• Try and make the exercise enjoyable. Put on some groovy music and commence the work.

• Get as many people on board to help with the work. The work can be tiresome, it doesn’t hurt to have many hands as possible.

• Throw away items you no longer need. These items tend to make the house look cramped yet you have no use for them. A better idea would be to donate them.

• Dispose all the waste in an eco-friendly way.

• For the items you are still using, arrange them into containers and store them neatly.

• Arrange the Furniture so as to give the house a new look


Spring cleaning is the perfect way to remove the old and bring in the new. For more information call the contact center at The Fabulous Maid. We are pleased to answer all your cleaning queries. The team is comprised of leading cleaning experts in the State of Massachusetts. Other wise, happy spring cleaning!!