Experienced Home Cleaning & custom Cleaning

Weekly cleaning services to get rid of dirt with eco friendly cleaning equipment and products

If you own establishments such as retail stores, education facilities, and medical stores without forgetting your own home, maintaining a clean environment is important. Employees when subjected to a clean environment are more productive. When your home or office is dirty, the image of the place is foiled. The first impression of a place is usually important and forms a long lasting depiction of a place. The Fabulous Maid offers professional services at a reasonable fee.

To set up a date with us contact us with a phone call or email. We will ask a few questions mostly seeking to know of you have ever employed a professional service before. After we get a brief picture of how your home looks like, we then give a consultation estimate. The pricing information comes later.


On our first week, we shall be getting rid of the accumulation of dirt. The cleanup session here will be thorough. Usually a team gets dispatched to give your home a top-down cleaning. The rate hear is charged hourly. For those switching cleaning service providers, we will not carry out the thorough deep clean. Before work commences, we shall take a look first to determine what needs to be done. Weekly services which are ongoing are all at flat rate. With a fixed charge our customers can budget for the next session accordingly


Experienced Hands

The Fabulous Maid has specialized in home cleaning. We have been operational for several years and can boast of unmatched expertise when it comes to our experience. We know our way through tricky stains guaranteeing our clients a thorough top down clean. We pay keen attention to small details ensuring we do not miss out on a spot. Cleaning your home half-heartedly due to lack of time and interest and expecting it to become sparkling clean is impossible. You are bound to overlook important areas. Our experienced team will cover every section of the house that needs cleaning.


Custom Cleaning

The standard cleaning involves washing and dusting of all exposed surfaces which can be reached. Our customers have the opportunity to customize their cleaning services. Those who prefer our maids to arrive during the night, arrangements can be made. There may be some rooms or services which do not feature in the cleaning packages; we can add those too after negotiations. Clients who want us to focus on a particular area of the home can notify us accordingly. This can be the floors, restroom, windows, and upholstery among others. People reside in homes or businesses of different sizes. Their cleaning requirements differ. Going for our customized cleaning package can ensure that you save on time and money.


During our cleaning we use the latest proven techniques that will leave your place sparkling clean. Our maids come with environmentally friendly cleaning products that sanitize the room. We stick to environmentally-friendly products that leave your home safe and healthy.


It’s not easy performing a thorough clean up. You don’t have to do this yourselves. Many go for our weekly clean up because they are busy and unable to dedicate a considerable amount of their time in house cleaning. Its simpler and time saving for someone to come once a week and do a cleanup. All you have to do is maintain an already clean home. Our Fabulous Maids keep you covered when it comes to home hygiene, spend your free time on more creative pursuits.


Our charges for weekly service are way below those for one-time service. Weekly clients reap from our priority scheduling. Areas covered are similar to the regular cleaning package. Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.