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Fiex’s review regarding the service provided by The Fabulous Maid. He got every part of his house clean and shiny.“one word. Three syllables. AH.MAY.ZING!

Came home and felt like I walked into a Marriott hotel. (Maybe that was a hyperbole).

The awesome: they cleaned everything perfectly. The windowsills look like when my boyfriend and I first moved in. They cleaned the crown moldings. The stove and microwave was so shiny! (My boyfriend cooks almost everyday and the kitchen always ends up looking like there was an oil explosion and they took care of this. God knows I hate cleaning up the stove after he cooks). The bathroom? *insert Kook-Aid smile* everything was so shiny. I felt like I just moved in. I have subway tiles and they cleaned every inch. Our bed was fixed like a hotel bed - *insert smile* - our room looked so spacious for some reason. Maybe because they organized everything (we're not THAT messy but it felt good to come home to a clean place and I wasn't the one that did it).

The not so awesome: I'll update if I ever find something wrong”
— Fiex T., Boston, MA

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“Our family will be adding a newborn very soon and I wanted a really deep cleaning before we bring him/her home. I called The Fabulous Maid and they were able to set up an appointment for me within the week - very appreciative of that! After explaining what I wanted, I was quoted a fair price for 3 cleaners at 3 hours. They arrived promptly at 8:00am, listened pleasantly as we toured the rooms, and then wasted no time getting down to business. I left with my daughter and returned 3 hours later to find they were just leaving, as promised. The house was spotless and smelled so clean. I'm a bit obsessive and everything met my expectations plus. I will be calling to see about getting this done regularly and I would highly recommend this service.”
— Julie O., Quincy, MA

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Amywas very impressed with how clean is her home after the visit of The Fabulous Maid.“My crew was wonderful. I was very impressed with how clean and thorough the ladies were. They moved furniture, cleaned under the bed, wiped down the trim around all of the doors besides the standard cleaning of bathrooms, kitchen, etc. I was very happy. I even got my beds made. Highly recommend.”
— Amy